PPC (pay per click advertising) is essential for the success of a business online and is an essential part of successful digital marketing campaign.

Several small business entrepreneurs undervalue the need of PPC and as a result they miss out on a great opportunity of growing their business online and increasing their ROI.

Pay per click advertising, whether this is using Bing Ads, Google Adwords, Twitter promoted tweets, Facebook Ads, etc. is a good way of increasing the online presence and for reaching to your potential customers rapidly.

Pay Per Click advertising

PPC also known as Paid Search Advertising (PSA) is an essential component of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Along with SEO or Search Engine Optimization, PPC is the chief way of targeting the potential customers using search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

As the term Pay Per Click implies, you as an advertiser have to pay only when someone clicks on your ad. But over the years this model has advanced and PPC companies may use models like CPA (pay while a click on the ad leads to a conversion) and CPM (pay per thousand impressions).

The idea behind PPC is that it lets to reach your potential customers and targeted audience by stating, who will see your ads (by entering demographic characteristics or keywords)

Let’s find out in detail, why PPC is important for start-ups and small businesses:

It is cost effective

One of the major misconceptions related to PPC is about cost. People think that it is sheer wastage of money and do not use this wonderful service. Below are the tips, how to spend on PPC:

Start slow, calculate and grow big –

  • Initially start with a small campaign, don’t invest all your money in your very first campaign and then depending on the results invest more.
  • One can measure everything related to PPC like the total impressions your ad will get, total clicks it will get to your website and conversions. One should study all this and then spend more on PPC.
  • If you are a novice then it is better to hire experts to set-up your campaigns and then if you can afford it optimize your campaigns on a monthly basis.

Reduce your CPC costs –There are several ways through which you can reduce your PPC budget and get more traffic on your website, one of the great way is to optimize your PPC campaign.

Increase Your Budget Gradually – This is the most important rules for PPC success. You should keep on increasing your PPC budget as long as you find it profitable and spend on campaigns that you find profitable. Initially you have to run non-profitable campaigns as optimization period takes approximately two months.

Learn from your rivals – While creating a PPC campaign, you should look closer, what strategies your competitors are following. You can use competitive intelligence tools such as Semrush to get information about how much they invest, on which keywords they spend, and you can get the actual ad copy your rivals are using by running a competition analysis report.

Spend More on Profitable Keywords– Through PPC you can control your budget and can allocate it to the Keywords that you find are fetching more traffic to your website. When you begin PPC, you do it on the basis of what you think might work for your business, but after a few weeks you find out what keywords are profitable for you. Use these keywords to increase the traffic on your website and spend more on these keywords.

2. Fastest Method to Get Targeted Visitors

For the success of an online business you need to fetch traffic for your website, not just traffic but targeted traffic that increases your sales and business.

Search Engine Optimization is the first thing that comes in mind, when you think of increasing the traffic on your website. But we all are aware that it takes time to work and to fetch traffic, so, the best alternate to SEO is PPC, which fetch the visitors fast on your website.

With Google Adwords, you can opt the keywords for which you want to display your ads. These ads appear on the top of the Google Search Results. With Facebook Ads, you can describe your target audience according to demographic features Facebook has for all of us.

You can make a good amount of money using PPC even without good organic rankings by doing below 3 things:

  • The quality of products you are offering
  • Veryoptimized PPC campaigns
  • Highly converting websites

A new business can get a boost using SEO with conversion optimization and PPC optimization. But you cannot grow your business fast alone with SEO as it may take several months or years to fetch targeted audience. Although there are several benefits of getting organic rankings but it needs a lot of patience.

Simplest Way to Check that Your Product Sells

If you have got your website developed and have the products ready to ship but if you don’t know whether your products will sell out or not or if your website coverts, PPC is the fastest way to find it out. Run a campaign on Google Adwords and fetch 1000 targeted visits on your website and calculate the results.

However, it will cost you a bit, but it will fetch good results for your business in future. For a long-term online presence the money you spend for optimizing your website and product offerings will reap you good results.

The organizations that don’t follow this path of measuring and optimization thinking their website will work and their products will sell fails in future. To avoid this situation businesses must run a PPC campaign for the targeted audience.

PPC Works Great with Digital Marketing Channels

PPC campaign is an essential part of digital marketing strategy and works great with other marketing channels. With the help of dynamic search campaigns, your PPC can let you know that which keywords are a counterpart for your website.

Efficiency of different keywords can be checked with the help of PPC and this will help you in knowing which keywords you should use for the long-term SEO.

PPC can also be used to get more installs for your mobile app and reinforce your mobile marketing. It also helps in getting more signups and improve your email marketing campaigns. PPC is also good for local SEO- it can be used to fetch customers searching for the goods and commodities in your area.

PPC Lets You Implement Innovative Marketing Techniques Such As Retargeting

Retargeting is one of the most effective ways for increasing conversions. It is the technique in which you make campaigns and target the visitors who have visited your website already.

For example, assume that you have a website selling ladies wear. Customers searching to buy ladies wear online go through different websites on the internet which comprises searching for the websites they want to buy.

The period to make a decision may increase to 30 to 60 days as the products they want to purchase are expensive and are available with several sellers. In such cases retargeting can produce great results. With the addition of a piece of code diven by Facebook, Google Adwords, Twitter, etc., you let these areas to identify using cookies the people who visited your website earlier and didn’t purchase anything from you.

You should then have the opportunity to launch campaigns targeting such people and offer them great incentives or discounts for revisiting your website and complete your buying process.

You then have the opportunity to create campaigns targeting those people and offer them incentives to re-visit your website and complete the purchase process.

When to use PPC?

PPC is a perfect fit for almost every type of business. Through PPC you can sell your products and services, can raise brand awareness and can also generate new leads using Google or other Social Media Platforms.

Startups can make use of PPC and can take benefits of all the features described above and as an established business you can make use of PPC for expanding your business online.

Must use PPC while you have time-sensitive offers, because no other tool of digital marketing other than social media can provide you instant access to your potential customers.

PPC should be used for keyword domination- Even if you own good organic rankings for specific keywords, you can then too use PPC and control the search results.

When NOT to use PPC?

Usually PPC is not a good buddy when:

  • If your products have a very less price and the profit margin is very less for accommodating the price of running PPC campaigns.
  • When you own an adsense website. Adwords and Adsense may work together but there are few tools that you should not use them in parallel.
  • Do not use PPC if you don’t have appropriate knowledge of running it correctly. It is not difficult to run campaigns on facebook and Adwords but if you are not certain how these will work for you then you will end up losing huge amount of money.

The conclusion you can draw from this post is that PPC is anessential tool for practically any business and if you still not use PPC, you are certainly missing out on big prospects for expansion.